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Subject: Do you want to be a porn star, part sixThe following story contains graphic sexual scenes involving adult males.
If material of this nature offends you then you should not read this
story. Additionally, if you are under 18 years of age in most states you
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Do you want to be a porn star? Part 6
Trevor and I practiced blowing each other on Tuesday and Wednesday nights.
He was getting better. I was practicing with my dildo when Trevor was not
at home. However, in my fantasies, it was no longer Trevor’s dick that I
was fantasizing about shoving into my ass, but Jimmy’s.I called Jimmy on Thursday and told him that I was going to be working on
Saturdays now and that I’d have Mondays off. I asked if we could see each
other. He said, yes. We made a date for lunchtime on Monday. I didn’t
know if I could wait.On Thursday I arrived at home before Trevor, as usual. I went into the
bedroom, found my seven inch dildo, undressed, lay on the bed and began
fucking myself as I jerked off. I was in deep and about half way to an
orgasm when I heard Trevor unlock our front door. I pulled the dildo from
my ass, jumped up, put in the bag and tossed it Preteen Nudist Pics
into its hiding place.
Trevor opened the bedroom door and saw me standing naked with my eight inch
dick in my hand.”Dude, couldn’t you wait?” I stood silently. He began to step out of his
clothes. He walked over to me and touched my dick and smiled and then
asked. “What’s all over your dick?”"Lube.”"It looks different.”It was different. It wasn’t the jelly type lube Mike had given us to us,
but rather this stuff that looked like white paste that Jimmy gave me to
use with the dildo. “It is different. I’ll go wash it off,” I said as I
walked toward the bathroom.He followed me. Then he touched my ass. “It’s all over your butt.”I turned bright red. I didn’t know what to say. “Well, I went to this sex
shop, to buy condoms and lube and stuff and I asked this guy how guys take
it up the ass. He told me that you have to loosen up first. He said you
can use this lube and your fingers before you get fucked and then it won’t
hurt so much.”"Damn, Luke that took more balls than I thought you had.” He started to
leave the bathroom when he turned and said, “Oh cool. So, you’re up for
trying it up your ass.”I wanted to say no. I wanted to tell him that I thought we should just
forget it, but I didn’t. “Yeah, I guess. I don’t think I’m going to get
much looser. I think it’s going to hurt no matter what.”"Cool,” he said. “Then we can call Mike soon and tell him that we’ve
practiced all this shit and that we’re ready.”"Trevor, really; I don’t think I’m going to want to get videoed. If you
want to get videoed that’s cool. Ya know, maybe we shouldn’t do this
stuff. Maybe if you really want to do the video you should call him and
ask him to hook you up with someone and the two of you could practice.”"Fuck, no way, dude. I’m not doing any of this stuff with someone else
unless I’m getting paid to do it. You promised you’d try this stuff with
me. I won’t pressure you to do a video, but come on; you’ve got to go
through with this part. Besides, you’re the only one who is going to know
that I’m doing the video and, well, you gotta try this stuff with me, too.”I stood looking at him, not saying a word. He said, “Luke, I know it seems
queer, but we’re not gay. It’s just sex, dude. Straight guys are doing it
all the time for those sites and the money is good. I get that you don’t
like this stuff, neither do I, but Luke, I need the money. Please, help me
out here.”I nodded. “Okay, but maybe we should talk this out.”"There’s nothing to talk out. So, you’re really up for taking it up your
ass,” he said smiling. “I’m so horned up, I might take you twice.”He left the bathroom. Preteen Nudist Pics I stepped into the shower and thought about Jimmy.When I stepped out of the shower I could hear the TV. I opened the
bathroom door and saw Trevor was standing in front of it stroking his dick.
I glanced at the TV and he was watching the fuck scenes.Frank was fucking Cory. Cory was on his knees on a bed and Frank was
behind him, holding him by the hips and fucking him. Then Cory was on his
back with his legs in the air. Frank’s holding Cory’s legs and fucking him
so hard the bed is shaking. Cory’s moaning and jerking. Frank turns Cory
and fucks him every way imaginable. Cory moan’s and asks for more. Frank
pulls out of Cory, tears off his condom, and jerks off all over Cory as
Cory continues to jerk off. Cory finally cums.Trevor looks at me and says, “Fuck, all I’ve got to do is imagine Kelly and
I’m good.”I asked, “Yeah, and who am I supposed to imagine?”"Dude, when it’s your turn you can imagine anyone you want.” I looked at
him. “Well, maybe not Kelly,” he added and smiled.Both of us walked into the bedroom. He opened a condom and put it on. He
spread lube on the condom as I spread lube up my ass. I knelt down on the
bed and waited. Trevor stepped behind me and spread my butt cheeks. “Take
it easy, Trevor. I’m not kidding. If you hurt me bad, it’s all over.”"I’ll be careful.” He put his dickhead against my asshole and began
pushing. “Dude, I swear I don’t know how you’re doing this.”"Easy, Trev.” I hissed. “It’s hurting.”"Sorry.”"Stand still,” I ordered. “Let me back onto it.”"Okay,” he said. I began pushing against his dick head. It felt like a
steel rod. I took a deep breath and remembered to relax. I thought about
Jimmy. I thought about it being him standing behind me. I felt my asshole
open up. I pressed against him and his dick slid right in. “Oh fuck,
Luke. Fuck, I’m more than half way in you.” He began rocking back and
forth. I could feel him moving deeper into me. I thought about Jimmy,
about us being on the beach, kissing and cumming all over each other.
Trevor took hold of both my hips and began to fuck me hard. “You okay,
dude?” he asked.”Just take it easy,” I said. I didn’t want to admit it, but it was
beginning to feel good.He wasn’t taking it easy. He was getting into it and it sounded like he
was enjoying it. “Oh fuck, dude, you’ve got one tight ass.” He kept
fucking me deeper and harder. “Fuck, I’ve never fucked a pussy that was
this tight.”"Easy, dude,” I said, as I started stroking my dick. He was hitting that
spot. My dick was rock hard. I was enjoying this.”Yeah, right,” he said, but didn’t slow down. “Fuck,” Preteen Nudist Pics
he said and then
pushed me down on the bed. I was expecting to feel his cum shooting all
over my back, but the next thing I knew was that he was on top of me. He
pushed my legs apart with his knees and then fell on top of me. Then I
felt his dick slam into my hole.”Fuck, dude. That fuckin’ hurt,” I moaned. He kept fucking me. “Oh fuck.
Let me jerk off while you do this,” I pleaded. “You’re fucking me too
hard.”"Fuck, I’m Preteen Nudist Pics sorry. I’m almost done,” he grunted. He began slamming down
hard on me so hard that the bed was actually slamming into the wall. “Oh
fuck, dude,” he grunted and pushed as hard into me as he could. He was
cumming. He was breathing hard and biting down on my shoulder. He lay on
top of me with his dick buried in my ass. “Oh fuck, dude. I can’t believe
how fuckin’ tight your ass is.”I said, “Yeah, tell me about it.” He pulled out of me and rolled over.He laughed. “You seemed as if you’re into it,” he said as he pulled off
his condom.I rolled over. My dick was still rock hard. “I thought you were going to
pull out and cum on me, like in the video.”"Yeah, I will next time,” he said. He was still hard. He sat down on his
bed and looked at me. “Did it hurt a lot?”"Not too bad. After a while it wasn’t hurting at all.” I lay there, my
dick hard, as Preteen Nudist Pics he continued to play with himself. He got up and left the
room. He came back with two beers. His dick was still hard, as was mine.
“Fuck, dude, it’s like I came but like I didn’t. I mean, I had this
fuckin’ intense orgasm, but I’m ready to go again.He drank about half his beer, stood up and rolled another condom on his
dick.”Dude, you just came.”"I know, but I’m still hard. I just think that went too fast,” he said Preteen Nudist Pics
smiled. “Besides, you look like you’re doing fine. Maybe, it’s not that
hard takin’ it up your ass.”He knelt down on the bed. “Come on, you can handle it,” he said picking my
legs up as he moved toward me. I looked up at him and remembered just how
hot he really is. Fuck, I might as well enjoy this! I pulled my legs back
over my shoulders, exposing my asshole. He moved in, put his dick head
against my ass and then pushed.”Damn, Trevor, take it easy on your way Preteen Nudist Pics
in, at least.”"Sorry,” he said as he began thrusting into me. He began fucking me again.
I stared up at him and he stared down at me while I started jerking off.
He held my legs and moved me so that he could get his deepest penetration.
He kept fucking me. I kept jerking. We were both breathing hard. I was
moaning.He pulled out of me suddenly. He pulled me out of bed, turned me around,
bent me over so that my face was on the mattress and my butt was ready for
him to fuck. He drove his dick back into me. Holding both my hips he
slammed his dick deep into me. I began stroking my dick again. We both
were breathing hard and moaning, again. Then he let go of one of my hips
and smacking me hard on the ass.”Oh Preteen Nudist Pics fuck,” I said as I arched my back and tightened my ass in response to
the slap. “Yeah, do that again.” And he did, this time harder. “Oh fuck,
yeah. Damn, you feel good inside of me,” I moaned. “Yeah, fuck me Trev.”
He did. “Yeah, harder.” He did. Preteen Nudist Pics “Oh fuck, damn it dude, that feels
awesome. I’m getting close,” I grunted.He pulled out of me, turned me around and pushed me down on the bed. He
lifted my legs in the air and was immediately on top of me with his dick
deep into my ass.”Fuck me hard,” I pleaded, looking into his eyes as Preteen Nudist Pics I again jerked hard on
my dick. He Preteen Nudist Pics
did. As he pounded hard into me, I soon began to cum. And,
with each thrust into me, I shot more cum. “Oh yeah, Trevor, just like
that. Just like that,” I moaned. “Oh fuck,” I shouted in ecstasy.He let my legs fall. I watched as he pulled off his condom and stroked
hard on his dick. Then he did something that surprised me. He moved
toward me as he continued to jerk his dick, aiming his dick at my face. I
moved closer to him thinking that he was going to cum on my face. He then
grabbed the back of my head and said, “Open your mouth and eat my load,” in
a tone of voice that sounded angry. I opened my mouth and took his dick
deep into my throat. He knelt over me and began thrusting into my mouth.
I heard him grunt and then felt his hot spunk showering my teeth and
tongue.”Yeah, fuckin’ eat it. You know you love it,” he said. I felt my body
tense as he kept shoving his dick into my throat. He kept thrusting and
saying, “Swallow my cum.” I did, but reluctantly.He pulled out of my mouth. Stepped off the bed and stood beside me and
said, “You’re fuckin’ enjoying this, aren’t you?”"What do you mean?” I asked, feeling my body fill with fear.”You’re fuckin’ loving this. I mean, I kind of thought it was weird when
you sucked down my load the first time. I mean, you looked like you were
in heaven. Like you were wanting to do that forever. But, I figured you
were just acting or just getting it over with or something. But fuck,
dude. You were into getting fucked, big time.”"Yeah, well you were into it, too. I mean, who Preteen Nudist Pics just got off twice. I
wouldn’t call that not being into it.” At that moment I knew I had just
made a big mistake. I had just admitted that I was into it.He stared at me and then sat down on his bed. “Okay, I want a straight
answer.” He shook his head. “No, what I mean is that I want an honest
answer. Don’t fuckin bullshit me.” I sat up and moved to the corner of my
bed. I thought if he attacks me I’ll have to try to get to the door
quickly. We stared at each other. “Are you into this like a gay guy is
into it, or are you into this because you’re helping me out otherwise you
wouldn’t be into it.”I stared at him and didn’t answer. I thought about lying, but then what
about dating Jimmy. My confusion left me silent.”I guess that answers my question,” he said and stood up. He started to
walk out of the bedroom, but turned around. “You’re fuckin’ lucky I don’t
kick your ass, dude.” He bent down and picked up Preteen Nudist Pics his clothes and walked
out of the room.I grabbed my pants and put them on. I followed him into the living room.
“Trevor, I,”He turned and looked at me and said, “Just tell me you’re gay but that
you’re not into me.”I stood still and looked at him. “I’m not sure about anything. I’ve never
done anything before. I swear. I just,”"Fuck, Luke. We’re best buddies. If you’re gay you should have told me.
Fuck, how could you?” He shook his head. “Fuck, dude. That’s just not
right. Dude, I don’t give a shit if you are into guys, but dude, it’s not
okay for you to be into me. How the fuck do you expect me to sleep in the
same room with you, knowing that you want my dick.”"I don’t want your dick.”He stared at me in disbelief.”I met some guy. He’s gay. I spent Sunday night with him,” I said shaking
my head. “He and I want to date.”"Date? Date? Guys don’t date guys; they fuck each other and then move
on,” he yelled. “Fuck!” he yelled clinching his fist. “We’re going to
have to figure something out. We can’t live together. We just can’t live
together. I can’t live with you.”"Trevor, please. We can talk this out.”"For now, you take the bedroom. I’ll sleep on the sofa. We have to figure
something out. I’ll try to find someplace else to live and we’ll figure
out what to do with this place. I’ll call the owner,” he said and walked
out of the apartment.I sat down on the sofa and held my head in my hands. Fuck! How fuckin’
stupid are you? I can’t fuckin’ believe this. Why didn’t you just lie?Trevor didn’t come home that night. I called him a couple of times, but he
didn’t pick up. I called Dan, the only friend that I knew of, who was
spending the summer in Santa Barbara. He didn’t answer either. I thought
about getting in my car and going home, but I didn’t know what I’d tell Preteen Nudist Pics my
parents. And, I wanted to see Jimmy.Trevor showed up the next morning. He came Preteen Nudist Pics home to shower, change and go
to work. He said he’d be home after work. I went to work and made it back
home before he did. I waited. When he arrived he made himself a sandwich
for dinner and basically ignored me.”Trevor, I didn’t plan this. I would never have tried anything with you.
I didn’t know how to say no once it all started. I’m sorry,” I pleaded.He stared at me and shook his head. He stood, walked toward the door and
stepped outside. He stepped back inside and said, “I’m going for a walk on
the beach. Come with me.”I jumped up and followed. We walked the three blocks to the beach, climbed
down the bluff and started walking. I didn’t know what to say. We just
kept walking.Finally, he spoke. “I don’t care if you’re gay.” He looked at me. “I had
a gay friend in high school and we were good friends.” I looked at him.
He shook his head. “But, I never had sex with him. He wanted to, but I
always said no. It was just too scary to get into it with someone I liked,
especially if they liked me and they were gay. I just wouldn’t do it.” I
nodded. “Damn it, Luke, I’m probably bi-sexual, whatever that means, but I
don’t want to have a boyfriend. I don’t want to have sex with a guy I
really like, especially if he’s gay.”"I understand,” I said.”You can’t understand, because I don’t. The sex was fuckin’ hot, dude.
Fuckin’ hot! Damn it, Luke. But I don’t want a boyfriend. That’s just
how it is with me.”I nodded. “I get it. Really, I think I understand.” He looked at me
again. “I’m sorry I didn’t say something. If I knew I could tell you I
would have and then we wouldn’t have had sex and we’d be okay. That’s more
important to me than the sex we had. But, I just didn’t know how to say
anything.”He said, “I mean, how are we going to be naked around each other if I know
you want my dick? How can I lay in bed at night and jerk off listening to
you jerk off knowing that you want to suck my dick or you want it up your
ass. I don’t know. I just don’t know.”We kept walking. “I won’t look at you. I’ll put the pillow over my head
when you jerk off and I won’t listen. I won’t jerk off if you are home.
I’ll do whatever you want. Just still be my friend.” I Preteen Nudist Pics started to cry.
“I know I fucked up.” He stopped walking. I wiped my tears. “I’m sorry.
I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to cry.”We walked for a while. I heard him sigh. He glanced at me. He didn’t
seem angry. I said, “I understand if you want to move out.” He glanced at
me again. “But, I really wish we could be friends and still live
together.”"I don’t want to move out,” he said. “You’re my best friend. I mean, you
can’t help it if you think I’m hot,” he said and poked me. I looked at
him. “Dude, this is mostly my fault anyway. I pressured you. And like I
said, the sex was hot.” I nodded. “At least we didn’t kiss. If you
kissed me I’d have to beat the shit out of you.” I smiled. He said, “I
don’t think we should have sex with each other anymore.”"Okay,” I said.”I mean, I’m still going to jerk off and you can too, but no more blow jobs
and butt stuff.”"That’s cool,” I said.”And you can look at me when I’m naked, too,” he said and laughed. We
walked for a while and then he said, “I do hate you for one thing, though.”I looked at him and asked, “What’s that?”"Having a bigger dick than I do,” he said and smiled.”Yeah, but you have a nicer ass than I do,” I said and smiled.He laughed and said, “Yeah, and tighter.” We both laughed. He said,
“Let’s go for a swim,” as he dropped his shorts Preteen Nudist Pics and took off his tee-shirt
and tossed them onto the beach. I did the same and followed him into the
water.We walked back naked, drying off in the evening air. “So, who’s this guy
you met?” I told him how I met Jimmy, leaving the dildo part out. I
described him and told him about our date. “Do you like him?”"Yes, he’s nice and interesting and smart and hot,” I said feeling a bit
queasy.He looked at me and said, “So was I really your first?”I smiled and said, “Yes. I was a complete virgin before you.”He smiled and said, “Well, in some way you still are.” I looked at him
quizzically. “You haven’t fucked a guy.”"Yeah, but I fucked a girl,” I reminded him.”Oh yeah, that’s right,” he said. We walked a while, put on our clothes
and headed back to the apartment. “Well, it’s cool that your best friend
took your cherry.” We walked and joked and poked at each other.”Thanks Trevor,” I said as we entered the apartment. He looked at me, “For
being cool. For not moving out. For still being my friend.”"Dude, you’re gay, you’re not like some weirdo or something. Just don’t
sneak into my bed and fuck me while I’m asleep.” I laughed. So did he.
He said, “We’re cool, dude. So, when are you going out with this Jimmy guy
again?”"Well, we were thinking Monday afternoon, but now that you know, I think
I’ll see if he’s free Sunday night.”He nodded and said, “Damn, now you’re making me jealous. You’re gettin’
some and I’m not. Fuck.”"Well, until Kelly comes home, if you can handle it, I’ll help you out.”
He smiled and nodded.”Fuck, dude, you give fuckin’ good head, I’ll give you that.”I called Jimmy. I told him about all that had happened. I asked him if we
could get together Sunday for dinner as we had last week and hang out on
Monday. He said, yes. I was instantly boned.
Well, that’s the story of how I almost became a porn star last summer.Trevor did do a series of videos for the gay site and he did the orgy scene
for the extra thousand. He told Mike that the only way he’d do the series
was if I could be there, in the room, when he did the shoot. For some
reason that I could not figure out, Trevor decided it would be more like he
was working if I was there watching and coaching him. In truth, I think it
really turned him on to have me watching.Mike agreed, but said that if I was going to be an observer I’d have to be
naked and jerk off with him at the end of each shoot. I was, at first,
hesitant but then agreed. Mike set Trevor up with a guy named Donnie who
was very hot. And, at the end of each shoot, Mike and I jerked off, while
Donnie and Trevor watched. I made sure there were no cameras rolling.Trevor and Kelly broke up. She and her minister, who accompanied them to
Costa Rica on their evangelical missionary trip, had an affair. She became
pregnant. Since she doesn’t believe in abortion she had the baby. She
didn’t return to school that fall.Trevor didn’t take long to find himself another girl. Actually, Jimmy
fixed him up with this hot Junior, Ashley, who is one of Jimmy’s best
friends.Jimmy and I started dating exclusively soon after our second date. He
lived in the dorms and was an RA last year. I’d sneak into his room at
night whenever I could. We also set aside one afternoon a week, when Jimmy
and I would have my apartment to ourselves, and one afternoon a week when
Trevor and Ashley could use the apartment without fear of my intruding. It
worked out well.Jimmy just received his Bachelor’s degree. He’s continuing at UCSB so as
to earn his Master’s. He wants to teach at the community college level. I
think he should work toward his Ph.D. But, that’s something I’m going to
convince him Preteen Nudist Pics of in the future.Trevor and Ashley, and Jimmy and I, rented a two-bedroom apartment. We all
moved in together earlier this week.Anyway, that’s my story.
If you’ve enjoyed this story you can email Jeff, who asked me to write my
story so he could send it to Nifty. Jeff and his very cute, very hot,
athletic, intelligent and charming perverted boyfriend, Nick, agreed to
edit and send this story in for me.However, when I emailed this story to Jeff, Nick soon emailed me and said,
“Hold on, Buckoo, how the hell did Preteen Nudist Pics
Trevor get through the fuck scene with
having to take Donnie’s dick up his virgin ass?Well, what happened was that Trevor met Jimmy and really liked him.
Actually, they soon became friends. I told Trevor that I told Jimmy about
the fact that he was considering doing the videos. I also told Trevor
about the dildos.One afternoon, after Trevor found out about Kelly and before he started
dating Ashley, Trevor, who worked in the dinning commons that serviced the
dorms where Jimmy was doing his RAship, asked Jimmy if he could talk to him
about what kind of dildos to buy. Jimmy said that Preteen Nudist Pics he’d go to the Preteen Nudist Pics
sex shop,
pick out what Trevor needed and meet him at our apartment that night.I was cooking dinner when Jimmy arrived with his bag of dildos. Needless
to say, I was surprised. Trevor had not mentioned doing the videos for
some time. When Trevor arrived, he said to both of us, “I’m going to need
help with this. I know this sounds weird but I’d feel better if you were
both in on it. It just seems like it won’t be so much a sex thing if
you’re both helping me.”"Sure,” I said immediately, looking at Jimmy. Jimmy shrugged and nodded.”When do you want to do it?” I asked Trevor.”Let’s just get it over with,” Trevor said. We followed him into the
bedroom. He pulled off his tee-shirt and kicked off his shoes. He bent
down and started taking off his socks when he looked at us and said,
“There’s no way we’re doing this with you two having your clothes on.” I
started Preteen Nudist Pics undressing. Jimmy was naked before Trevor or me.Jimmy opened the bag and pulled out three dildos much like the ones I had.
He asked me for the lube. Preteen Nudist Pics
Trevor agreed that Jimmy should work the dildo
into him.Jimmy said, “Lay down. Get yourself hard.” Trevor did what he was told.
Jimmy and I got on the bed with him. Trevor pulled his legs back, pulling
his knees to his chest. He looked up at both of us. Jimmy spread lube on
the small dildo and then spread lube on Trevor’s ass. Trevor glanced at me
and again took a deep breath.Jimmy explained to Trevor how to relax his sphincter while he ran Preteen Nudist Pics his
finger around Trevor’s ass. I was hard watching Trevor jerking. I noticed
that Jimmy’s dick was becoming hard as he kept running his finger around
Trevor’s asshole, up over his balls and then back to his hole. They were
making eye contact when Trevor nodded at Jimmy. I watched as Jimmy’s
finger disappeared into Trevor’s ass.”You just tightened up,” Jimmy said. Trevor nodded. “Try to relax again.”
I watched as Jimmy began moving his finger in and out of Trevor’s ass.
Jimmy picked up the smaller dildo with his other hand and as he removed his
finger he slid the dildo in. We both glanced at Trevor. He didn’t react.
Jimmy slowly fucked him with it getting most of it in. “That’s the small
dildo that’s in you.”Trevor looked surprised. Jimmy kept fucking him with it. I lubed up the
second dildo. It was thicker and longer than the first.Trevor said, “This isn’t so bad. I don’t think I’ll have all that much
trouble.”Jimmy said, “First off, this thing isn’t much bigger than my finger so
let’s wait until we get the third one in.” Trevor nodded. Jimmy smiled
and said, “And, here’s the bad news. Getting fucked with a dildo is
different from having some guy fucking you. These things will get you
loose and give the idea of what you’re in for, but getting fucked is
different.”Trevor said, “Fuck. What am I going to do?”Jimmy shrugged. “Let’s worry about getting you used to the dildos first.”Trevor looked at me and sighed. Jimmy pulled the first dildo out and said,
“Try to relax,” as he pressed the second one against Trevor’s hole. My
dick was rock hard. So was Jimmy’s. Trevor looked so hot, laying there,
his legs spread wide, his back arched and his Preteen Nudist Pics balls bouncing in place as he
slowly jerked his dick. I watched as Jimmy applied pressure against
Trevor’s hole. “Push against it,” he said. I watched as Trevor’s hole
opened up and the head of the dildo disappeared.Trevor’s eyes went wide as he took a deep breath. “I felt that,” he
hissed.”You’re doing fine,” Jimmy said, as he began fucking Trevor. Jimmy reached
for his dick and began stroking.Trevor noticed Jimmy stroking and said, “Damn, dude, how big are you?”
Jimmy smiled and moved so that Trevor had a clear view of his dick. Then
Trevor looked toward my dick and then back at Jimmy’s. “Fuck, you’re
bigger than me, too.” Jimmy smiled. So did I. “Fuck, I was just thinking
that maybe Trevor would let you fuck me sometime before the shoot so that
I’d know what to expect, but you’re as big as he is.”Jimmy laughed. He looked at me and said, “If you want we can both help him
out.” I nodded.”Not tonight, you two. I mean, after I’m accustomed to these things.”We worked Trevor’s hole. He did great. He was able to take the largest
dildo and not pass out, like he thought he would. Jimmy told him to jerk
himself to orgasm while being fucked. I watched as Trevor pulled his legs
further back and began stroking hard. Jimmy kept fucking him.Jimmy said, “How’s it feeling?”"Good,” Trevor said. “Go faster. It’s feeling good. You’re hitting a
spot that is going to make me cum.”Jimmy said, “Good. Enjoy that feeling. It’s going Preteen Nudist Pics
to make your orgasm
intense.”Trevor nodded his head and kept jerking. “Yeah, that’s it. Oh yeah. Fuck
that feels good. Fuck,” he kept moaning. “Fuck, I’m going to cum,” he
grunted. Jimmy was Preteen Nudist Pics fucking him fast and hard and Trevor was pounding his
pud. “Fuck, yeah. Oh fuck, yeah. That’s it,” he yelled as he began
cumming. Preteen Nudist Pics “Yeah. Oh yeah, fuck.” Cum went flying everywhere. It was a
sight to see.Jimmy pulled the dildo from Trevor’s ass. Trevor didn’t seem to notice.
He was still arching his back and moaning loudly. Jimmy sat down beside
him and said, “You seemed to enjoy that,” and smiled.Trevor looked at Jimmy and said, “Fuck That was fuckin’ intense.” We sat
and talked about what we just did for a few minutes. Then Trevor said,
“You two going Preteen Nudist Pics to get off?”Jimmy said, “I fuckin’ hope so.”Trevor said, “Is it okay if I watch? I mean, it’s only fair,” and smiled.Jimmy smiled and started jerking off. He said to me, “Get me your dildo.”I jumped up and dug out my seven-incher. Trevor sat back and watched. I
put a condom on it and lubed it up and as Jimmy lubed up his ass. He
played with his hole for a while and then threw his legs over his head.
Trevor moved to get a better view. Jimmy looked at me and said, “Is it
okay if he does it?” I smiled and nodded. He looked at Trevor and said,
“It’s only fair,” as I handed Trevor the dildo.Trevor took the dildo and pressed it against Jimmy’s hole. Moments later
he was fucking Jimmy hard and fast with it. Jimmy was moaning with his
legs thrown back to his shoulders. Jimmy asked me to put my dick in his
mouth. I said, “I’m close.”Jimmy said, “Then cum on my face. I’m close, too.”Trevor fucked Jimmy with the dildo. I jerked my dick hard aiming my load
at Jimmy’s face as Jimmy jerked himself. I grunted, “I’m gonna cum,” as
the first shot exploded from my dick. It hit Jimmy on the face. I heard
him grunting and glanced down as the second shot of cum exploded from my
dick and saw that Jimmy was cumming.Again, cum went flying everywhere.Trevor sat back and watched as Jimmy removed the dildo from his ass.
Trevor said, “Dudes, I just love watching guys nut.”The three of us sat back and smiled at each other, and then we each took a
shower.Trevor thanked us both and then helped us make dinner. We talked about
what just happened and how Trevor felt about having his hole fucked.Trevor asked Jimmy, “You’re not bullshitting about it being different?”Jimmy shook his head and said, “Ask Luke. He was using the dildo and then
you fucked him.”Trevor looked at me. I said, “It’s different, believe me. But, maybe you
should go into the shoot just using the dildo and then you won’t have to
act.”Trevor said, “I know you guys are being exclusive, so if you don’t want to,
I’ll do that, but if you’re okay with fucking me, then I’ll give it a try,”
he said rubbing his ass. Jimmy and I laughed.A week later, Trevor asked Jimmy and me to fuck him after we promised not
to enjoy it too much. Jimmy told Trevor to lube up his hole and kneel down
on the edge of the bed. We decided that I should take Trevor’s cherry;
fair is fair. I put on a condom, lubed up my dick and stood behind Trevor.He turned and glanced at me and said, “Take it easy, dude, or I’ll hurt you
bad,” and smiled.I nodded. I put the head of my dick against his hole and told him to back
onto it. He pushed against my dick and I pushed against his hole. As my
dick went past his sphincter, he howled and then pulled away. He jumped
off the bed and then Preteen Nudist Pics
rubbed his butt.”Damn, dude,” he complained.”I didn’t do anything. I was just standing here.”"Fuck, I didn’t think it was going to hurt at all. Fuck!”Jimmy said, “Maybe you better forget the video.”Trevor knelt down on the bed again. He said, “Just take it easy.”Again we positioned ourselves. Again, he howled as I entered him. Neither
of us moved. He was breathing loudly as he began to rock back and forth on
my dick. I slowly started fucking him when he said, “Enough,” and pulled
off of me.He stood up again and said, “This sucks. How the fuck can you guys like
this?”Trevor and I watched as Jimmy put on a condom. Jimmy said, “Kneel down,”
and pointed to the bed. “If you want to get this over with, just stay
still and you’ll get used to it. Stop being Preteen Nudist Pics a baby.”"Fuck,” Trevor said. He knelt down again. He took a deep breath.Jimmy grabbed both his hips, began pushing his dick into Trevor and said,
“Just learn to take it, like you did the dildo. Jerk yourself off, but
don’t cum.” Trevor nodded. Jimmy pushed in. Trevor arched Preteen Nudist Pics
his back and
tried to move away, but Jimmy held him in place. Jimmy began to fuck him.
Trevor was grunting and groaning. Trevor tried to move away from Jimmy,
but Jimmy just pulled him closer and fucked him harder. Trevor kept
yelling, “Fuck!”Jimmy said, “If you want me to stop, say so, but then it’s over.”"No, don’t stop.” Trevor didn’t move. He just kept complaining.Jimmy said, “Damn, you Preteen Nudist Pics are tight. Haven’t you been using your dildos?”
Jimmy kept fucking him. I was rock hard watching. Then Jimmy pushed
Trevor down on the bed and started fucking him hard. Trevor moaned.Jimmy and I had been fucking, and I knew he could last a good amount of
time, but it sounded like he was going to cum soon. Jimmy slammed into
Trevor. Trevor kept grunting.Jimmy pulled out of Trevor and said to him, Preteen Nudist Pics “Roll over.”Trevor turned over and watched Jimmy jerking off. Jimmy moaned loudly as
he came all over Trevor’s chest.Jimmy sat back on his legs and looked at Trevor and said, “Are you okay?”
He nodded. “Good, you’re not done.” Trevor and I looked at him. Jimmy
said to me. “You’re next. He’s going to be getting fucked for a couple of
hours to get enough film, so it’s your turn.”I looked at Trevor. He lifted his legs exposing his butt. He said, “It’s
only fair, I did you.”I grabbed hold of both his legs, lined myself up and then pushed into him.
He grunted. I made myself comfortable and began thrusting into him. As he
seemed to relax under me, I began fucking him harder and harder. As I got
close I slowed down. I was having too much fun to cum right away. I
glanced down, watching my dick disappear into his ass and noticed that I
was only getting about half my dick into him.I moved his legs further toward his shoulders and moved him so that his
hole arched upward toward me. Then I pushed and saw my dick disappear into
him.”Oh fuck!” he yelled. “What was that?”I laughed and said, “The rest of my dick.” I slammed into him hard and
watched as he winced.Jimmy said, “Just breathe into it,” as Trevor started jerking his dick
again. I fucked Trevor for a good long time and then pulled out of him.Then we heard those wonderful words coming from Trevor. He started
moaning, “I’m gonna cum. Fuck me. Make me cum,” as he jerked on his dick.
“Oh fuck, Luke, fuck me! Harder!” And I fucked him hard and fast. “Oh
fuck, I’m cumming,” he yelled. I kept fucking him as his spunk flew all
over his chest and arms. I pulled off my condom and aimed my spunk for his
face. He was a good sport and took my cum into his mouth as he continued
to jerking his dick.We all sat back and sighed. Jimmy said to Trevor, “Dude, you’ve been
fucked, and fucked good. A few more times like that and you’ll be ready,”
and laughed.Trevor called Mike the next day and sent in the signed contract.Jimmy and I agreed to spend another Saturday afternoon fucking Trevor after
again promising not to enjoy it too much. This time he didn’t squeal too
much.As part of a new deal, (you know, that `it’s only fair’ thing) Trevor
wanted to watch me fuck Jimmy and then watched as Jimmy fucked me. So,
after we fucked Trevor, Jimmy and I fucked each other as Trevor watched.
Oddly, it seemed to turn him on. We asked him why he had wood, and he
said, “I think it’s just natural to get turned on watching people fuck.”We took a break and then went at his hole again. After we took turns
working his ass in about five different positions and after we all came,
Trevor said that it wasn’t too bad, but that when he was yelling for it
harder and deeper, he was just acting. We all laughed.We showered, had a few beers and had dinner. Trevor looked at Jimmy and
said, “Dude, I do appreciate your helping me out,” and smiled, “but you
know fair is fair.” Jimmy and I looked at each other and then at Trevor.
Trevor said to Jimmy, “I fucked Luke. Luke fucked me. You fucked me, but
I never fucked you,” and smiled.Jimmy laughed. “I don’t know, dude,” as he looked at me.I looked at Trevor, remembering how much he liked fucking me. I looked at
Jimmy and said, “It’s up to you, as long as I get to watch, and as long as
it’s just this one time.”Jimmy looked at Trevor and said, “Fine, but you’re going to have to suck my
dick first. The only way I can get up for Preteen Nudist Pics getting fucked is to have my
dick sucked.”Trevor smiled Preteen Nudist Pics and said, “Let’s go for it.”We were back in the bedroom and on my bed. Jimmy lay on the bed as Trevor
sucked his dick. I sat and stroked my dick watching. Jimmy began lifting
his legs. Trevor stood and put on a condom. He moved over Jimmy. I
watched as Trevor began fucking him. Jimmy pulled me close to him and
began sucking my dick. I was thrusting into Jimmy’s mouth as Trevor was
thrusting into Jimmy’s ass.Soon, Trevor pulled out of Jimmy and came on his chest. I pulled out of
his mouth and also came on his chest. Trevor and I watched as Jimmy jerked
himself. Trevor took hold of Jimmy’s dick and stroked him hard. Jimmy
moaned, thrust upward and began to cum.So, Nick, that’s how Jimmy and I helped Trevor prepare to be a bottom so
that he could become a porn star.The day they shot the scene in which Trevor was going to get fucked, Trevor
and I talked Mike into letting Jimmy attend the shoot. Donnie said, “I’m
fine with that as long as the guy is naked and jerks off for us.”Mike said to me, “Actually, since this guy is your boyfriend, I think we
should get him to give you head and then have him fuck you, while Donnie,
Trevor and I sit back and enjoy the show.”When I told Jimmy, he said, “Fuck, yeah, as long as they promise that there
are no cameras rolling.”Trevor and Donnie fucked. Jimmy and I watched. Trevor gritted his teeth,
complained, breathe hard and grimaced a lot as Donnie began fucking him.
When they took a break to change positions I asked Trevor if he was okay.
He told me he was fine, it was all an act. He said, “He’s only about six
inches. It’s like that small dildo we used. Nothing like you or Jimmy,”
and smiled. At the end of the shoot, Trevor was begging to be fucked
harder as he shot his load.It I do say so myself, it was very good acting and very hot. I was rock
hard.Jimmy gave me the most awesome blow job; he swallowed my cum. He fucked
me, not using a condom, like I’ve never been fucked before. (Jimmy and I
have been tested and are disease free and exclusive now.) It was HOT.So, Nick, I hope that answers your question. Oh yeah, Jimmy is extending
an invitation to you and Jeff. Since you guys are exclusive, and since we
are also, why don’t you come for a long weekend and share our bed. We’d
love to do side-by-side sex with you two, like you’ve done with your
friends. If you have comments about my story, you can email my friend Jeff at:ImJeff0882aol.com

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